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    Wednesday, September 14, 2011

    Rating money making opportunities

    From now on i will rate every money making opportunity in 2 categories. I will rate the profitablility and the difficulty from 1 to 5 stars so you can immidiately see how interesting the opportunity really is!

    1 - Slightly profitable: potential to earn zero to ten dollars
    2 - Moderately profitable: potential to earn tens to hundreds of dollars
    3 - Averagely Profitable: potential to earn hundreds to thousands of dollars
    4 - Highly profitable: potential to earn thousands to millions of dollars
    5 - Extremely profitable: potential to earn millions to billions of dollars

    1 - Slightly difficult: Requires no or almost no skill
    2 - Moderately difficult: Requires a little bit of skill
    3 - Averagely difficult: Requires average skill
    4 - Highly difficult: Requires months to years of extensive training
    5 - Extremely difficult: Requires years to decades of extensive training

    Make money with skill games

    To see what the ratings mean click here

    Profitability: 1/5

    Difficulty: 4/5

    There are numerous of online gaming sites that offer skill games. Usually these sites consist of games like Solitaire or Yahzsee which aren't really skill games. With these types of games you can only play a strategy to lose less often than your opponent.

    Even if there are 100% skill games on the site you have to be significantly better than your opponents to make a consistent profit with it because you usually win around 150% of your buyin if you win but lose 100% if you lose (in 1 on 1 tournaments), to make a profit you need to win at least 66.7% of the time. Maybe some of you really like to play skill games online and i happily encourage you to continue playing, but if you want to make a living from it or even become rich with it i strongly advise you to look at other opportunities!

    Make money with online surveys

    To see what the ratings mean click here

    Profitability: 1/5

    Difficulty: 1/5

    I realise a lot of people are doing this nowadays, but you really shouldn't be wasting your valuable time on surveys! The troubles that you get after you fill in a survey is not worth the money. You have to fill in your home address, e-mail address and/or your creditcard number. I highly recommend staying away from them and focussing your energy and talent on some good opportunities that are posted on this blog!

    Monday, September 12, 2011

    Make money reading e-mails or surfing

    To see what the ratings mean click here

    Profitability: 1/5

    Difficulty: 1/5

    You can make a few dollars with it, but on this blog i will focus on money making opportunities that could potentially make you reach financial freedom with your own talent.


    Everyone has the responsibility to pay taxes. Be certain to make sure your government knows about your income. You don't want to have to pay big fines when they find out you have a big capital without giving them any notice.

    Ideally you want your whole income to come from investing. In this catogory you only have to pay a very small annual percentage of your capital (in most countries i assume).

    How fast can i get rich?

    You can get rich as fast as you can handle. The key to getting rich is work work work work work!
    Constantly evaluate, calculate, investigate, learn and improve. A smart investor can become a millionaire in 2 to 5 years with little to no start capital! All you need is to work hard and know the right opportunities. well, luckily you have my blog for that :)

    Can everyone get rich?

    No, not everyone can get rich. There are opportunities for everyone to get rich, but not everyone is a born business man or woman. You have to constantly investigate and fight against emotions like greed. It is very hard work. Hopefully this blog helps you improve your chances of reaching your goal to financial freedom significantly!

    Sunday, September 11, 2011

    Make money with playing in online casino's

    Profitability: NOT PROFITABLE

    Difficulty: N/A

    Let's get this illusion out of the way right away: YOU CANNOT MAKE MONEY IN CASINO'S IN THE LONG RUN! Casino's are specifically designed to have a so called house-edge. This means they have a slight advantage on every wager that is placed and therefore on average make a small profit every single time.

    I strongly advise to completely stay away from pure gambling! Some websites promise $400/hr roulette systems for example, don't fall for it because they only show you 1 week of roulette spins, they don't show that they would go broke a few weeks later.

    Be aware of scams!

    Signs of a scam:
    • No professional looking website
    • You don't receive good or any support at all
    • "If it looks too good to be true, then it probably is"

    Here's an example:
    A lot of banners are popping up on the internet lately that are showing someone happily sitting in front of there computer claiming they make $500/hr or something similar. Just think for a moment, who is making $500/hr? Usually people who have studied something for years and are extremely successfull at what they do.

    So even if you could make $500/hr online, it's most likely not done in a way that is ethical and/or legal. In general just think logically, only very successfull people can make more than $20/hr online consistently. So why would you be able to earn $500/hr with doing 10 minutes of work a day?


    If you want to make some consistent extra bucks you should not have high hopes for a certain type of income but make sure you have multiple sources of income, no matter how small. This way you will still have an income if one or more streams of income are cut off. With diversification you have the highest chance of becoming rich!

    Make money with affiliate programs

    To see what the ratings mean click here

    Profitability: 3/5

    Difficulty: 4/5

    Most of you probably already know that on a lot of websites who deal with money you can refer people to the website and in return you receive a small commission. It is a good opportunity to make a little bit of extra cash, but if you have a website with millions of visitors monthly and a good way to promote a company you could make a small fortune with it!

    I forgot to warn you that there are A LOT of sites claiming you can make millions if you join their marketing website and buy their expensive products. There is so much scam on the internet involving getting rich, so stick to the subjects i approve on my blog for a better financial future!

    Make money with currency trading

    To see what the ratings mean click here

    Profitability: 5/5

    Difficulty: 5/5

    Probably not many of you know about it's existence, but everyone in the world can trade in the market where Euro's, Dollars, Yens and other currencies are traded! It's called the Forex (Foreign exchange) and currencies are traded 24 hours a day 5 days a week. Everyone can invest money in any currency usually for as little as $10.

    Facts about the Forex:
    The Forex has a daily volume of almost 4 TRILLION dollars. That's more than 50 times the amount of all the other markets in the world combined. Usually currencies don't fluctuate more than approximately 1% a day, therefore Forex is traded with so called leverage (you can find out all about this subject on the website suggested below).

    Since this is the biggest market in the world, this is the most lucerative way of making money in the world! If you want a greater change of ever becoming a millionaire or even billionaire, you HAVE to know about it's existence, every millionaire in the world does (or invested with someone who does).

    Because of the complexity of mathematics and psychology involved in trading strategies it will take even the most intelligent traders years of practise to trade profitably. It is a know fact that 95% or more of the traders in the world are losing money on the Forex! When you have proven you have a long-term winning strategy (you have a consistent profit over at least 1000 trades with a maximum drawdown of less than 50%) you should consider depositing money to a Forex broker.

    To get started with the Forex:
    I suggest to visit the babypips school

    After you have proven to be a profitable trader, a good opportunity to start your Forex career with a $100 TRADING BALANCE COMPLETELY FOR FREE is Everestforex


    Make money with Poker

    To see what the ratings mean click here

    Profitability: 4/5

    Difficulty: 5/5

    To get misunderstandings out of the way:
    Scientists have proven that there are strategies for any form of poker that will make your bankroll consistently grow. This can only be achieved with proper bankroll management. Anyone who claims poker is NOT a game of skill didn't do research at all since it's PROVEN it is.

    Who is poker for?
    Everyone can play poker, but there's a big difference between winning poker and recreational poker. Only 5-10% of the world population can make money with poker, it really is that hard!

    What qualities do you need to make money with poker?
    • Extreme discipline
    • Patience
    • Good understanding of probability and human psychology/behaviour
    • Good learning ability

    I'm not going too deep into this subject because it is just so incredibly versatile. I suggest you do a lot of studying online.

    Some sites to get started with poker are:

    What you need to know to be able to get rich

    1. Do extremely extensive research about the subject.
    2. Be very realistic.
    3. Only make rational decisions, don't act because you need money or when you are angry for example.
    4. Save as much of your capital as possible when you don't have much money yet, every dollar saved today could potentially make you thousands of dollars a month a few years later.
    5. Never trust anything or anyone 100%
    6. Never keep your whole capital at one place
    7. Never bet or invest everything on only one opportunity

    If you threat your life like a business, you will get paid like it!

    Blog updates

    From now on i will update the blog regularly. I will post all money making opportunities i come across with detailed descriptions. If you don't want to miss your chance to financial freedom i suggest you check regularly for updates!


    To see what the ratings mean click here

    Profitability: 4/5

    Difficulty: 3/5

    Although you can consistently make money with high yielding investment programs, it's highly recommended to stay away because you're stealing money from other investors. The people behind these websites have been constistently scamming people for years with ponzi scheme's.

    STAY AWAY!!!!!!!